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Mama & Bella

Welcome to Muchacha Power! 

I'm Cynthia and as a new mama to my little Bella, I struggled to find clothing that reflected the uniqueness of being a Latina, and that inspired my little one with confidence to be herself.  

Muchacha Power reflects our belief that women and girls are strong, smart and powerful human beings.  Our unique bilingual clothing line represents our mix of cultures and phrases.  We want everyone in our clothes (and those that see them) to know you are bold, brave & fuerte!

Our clothes are made in the Dominican Republic.  Working with women-owned businesses and seamstresses each shirt is custom made using locally sourced materials. Therefore our shirts take some time before they reach you. Shirts are made once the order is confirmed.  Please know that each aspect of our production from design to packaging is made with care (lots of cariño!).  In addition, a portion of our profits goes back to the local community, supporting programs that empower girls and women with education and employment.   

We are a small and growing business. We value your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us with ideas, partnerships or if you want to visit our partnering organizations.  

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Cynthia & Bella 

PS: "Muchacha" means "girl" in Spanish