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Why Muchacha Power

Why Muchacha Power

When my little bella was just turning two, I was 8 months pregnant with her little sister, and in the height of NYC summer heat.  I was working full time and found myself with very little energy. Streaming videos was my relief and she loved watching Dora, Diego, and then came Frozen. I was down a slippery slope of Disney princesses on loop.  I didn't think much of it, until we were out one day and she whispered in my ear, "Mama, look there's a princess!"  I looked everywhere to find someone in a costume but didn't see so I asked her where and she told me "the girl with the yellow hair." I immediately told her, "Pero Bella, we are all princesses." To which she sternly said, "No mama, only yellow hair."

At that moment, I knew we needed to do something bold. I wanted her to see herself as I did - powerful and strong.  I wanted to celebrate her curls, her language, her bravery in every day tasks.  I also wanted something we could do together, to celebrate each other. 

Muchacha Power

In speaking with a few other Latina mamas, we saw there was a gap. Where were our girls in the super hero line-up? Where were we as their mamas? I wanted something that wasn't just about dress-up but spoke to our "girl power" in our own language. I wanted my daughter to know what "Muchacha Power" means starting now - yes, at the age of 2. 

Bella helped me design and pick the logo.  We decided that we would share our motto with the world for whenever a challenge arises, we say - "Muchacha Power" raising our fist and then yell (or whisper) "Bold, Brave Y Fuerte!"

When we have a hard day ahead, (like traveling in crowded airports for many hours), we wear our matching shirts. It is a gentle reminder to ourselves that we can do it. That we are the heroes we have been waiting for. And it's a great way to meet other Latinas, or awesome folks who like the shirt! 

We are still working with Bella to swim underwater, she gets in the pool with her floats and says, "Bold, brave y fuerte" but then decides that she will wait until she is a little older before taking the plunge. And that's ok too! 


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